Performance, Functional, and Wellness Training

“If you want happiness in life you better live with areté”– Greek Philosphers Socrates, Plato & Aristotle

The Method

Your body adapts and you need to switch it up. Keep it fresh. Do it right. Come in at the crack of dawn, mid-morning or come in the evening. Mix and match. We can accommodate your schedule. No excuses. No limitations. Commit to get fit and turn yourself into a lean machine, from the inside out! You won’t believe how great you feel and what you can achieve at Vitality Fitness. All you have to do is sign up!!

My programs are carefully designed and strategically scheduled for optimum results. You will be coached through every workout in a way that keeps you safe and motivated in my state of the art facility. Your body won’t be able to help but change. I vow to stay on the cutting edge of fitness and that, coupled with good nutrition and supplementation and proper recovery, is a winning combination.



A core centered full body routine emphasizing on upper or lower body strength utilizing modern training equipment/methods.

All Levels

Monday & Friday  8:30am


Trudie Town leads this specially formulated strength based routines designed to improve bone density, speed metabolism, burn fat and improve strength. Lift for Life!

All Levels

Tuesday 5:30 pm  

Wednesday 8:30 am


Performance and functional training program involving kettlebells, sandbags, ropes, HIIT (high intensity interval training), TRX and more…

Advanced Level

Monday & Wednesday 5:30 pm

Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 am & 8:30 am

SATURDAY  8:45am


A functional training class for beginner to intermediate level athletes. Improves coordination, stability, functional range of motion, core strength, and cardiovascular conditioning. Using balance tools, core activation exercises, kettlebells, sandbags, ropes, TRX and more…

Most Levels

Tuesday/Thursday 11:00 am

ARETÉ TRAINING (Performance)

(Greek, Pronounced ara-téy) In tribute to Vitality Fitness Greek founder Valerie Poulos. A word that means “virtue” or “excellence” but with deeper meaning… Closer to “constantly striving to reach your highest potential.”

Performance training programing involving periodic assessments, W.O.D. workouts (W.orkout O.f the D.ay) and benchmark workouts (A.s M.any R.eps A.s P.ossible, OR ???) Kettlebells, sleds, ropes, HIIT, TRX, jump rope, running and more…

Intermediate Levels



Starts w/pressure point work (A.ctive R.elease T.echniques) followed by a subdued hatha yoga inspired athletic yoga stretch routine….

All levels

No classes scheduled 

O.bstacle C.ourse R.ace Training

Train for your next obstacle course race alongside Ojai Spartans and Tough Mud Runners. Think crawling, pushing, pulling, running, jumping over/under things, battle ropes, tires, rings, cargo nets, spear chucking and more!

Most levels

Saturdays 7:15 am


Thursday 5:15 pm

PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING (by appointment only)


It’s ideal to have a base or diagnostic understanding of your body’s strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances.  This allows the coach the opportunity to customize your future training to maximize results and prevent possible future injuries.

I provide a comprehensive body mechanic and movement evaluation/assessment designed to pinpoint weaknesses, focal points of development, injury prevention and the development of a customized training program.

SEMI-PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING (2-4 People) (by appointment only)

Designed for people looking for individual coaching attention and motivation in an uncrowded semi-private atmosphere.  The program is meant to analyze and help create a customized training regimen to improve your performance of daily activities and performance.  Goals being to increase strength, improve overall conditioning, weight loss, and injury prevention and recovery.


The AIReal Yoga classes are taught by certified instructor Susan Bronstein on Wednesday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. IT GETS EVEN BETTER…

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